Our Mission

Our mission is to build the next generation of decentralized, resilient financial infrastructure. We believe systems based on cryptography, blockchains, and smart contracts will enhance financial cooperation around the world in unprecedented ways at scales both large and small.

We are building a team of engineers who are passionate about cryptography, cryptocurrency, decentralization, security and privacy. We value intellectual breadth, the cypherpunk ethic, technical depth and imagination. If you’d like to work with us, please see the positions available below.

If you’re passionate about what we’re building, join the Lightning Network Daemon open source community! You can join our Slack channel, chat with us on IRC at #lnd, or follow our Github repo. Any contributions of code, bug reports, feature requests, ideas or comments are very much appreciated.

Open Positions

Cryptographic Protocol Engineer

Experienced systems software engineer versed in applied cryptography, peer-to-peer networks, distributed systems, open source software, and cryptocurrency protocols to design and implement core protocol and algorithmic components of the Lightning Network. Solid programming skills, experience with Go, C, or C++. Prior contributions to crypto protocols and open source software collaboration preferred.

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Frontend Application Developer

Frontend developer to build secure cross-platform second-layer blockchain applications. Our applications are built on React, React Native, MobX, and Electron, communicating with a Lightning daemon over a binary RPC protocol. Ideal applicants will have experience building and shipping React Native applications and maintaining open source projects.

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Technical Product Manager

Lead the development of our network, routing and infrastructure products such as Lightning Loop. An ideal candidate would have experience solving complex technical problems and a strong understanding of the software development process. Further, candidates should have knowledge and/or experience with network and routing concepts, along with an understanding of the applicability of those concepts to Lightning payments.

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Are none of these positions the right fit? Send your resume to [email protected].