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We are building a team that is passionate about bitcoin, cryptography, decentralization, security, and privacy.

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Senior Security Engineer

We're looking for a Security Engineer to help secure our growing engineering organization. This is a hands-on role that consists of devising and implementing policies and procedures around best practices in systems security. The ideal candidate has experience in securing web, Bitcoin, and other public-facing network services, penetration testing, and both automated and manual source code security reviews

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Platform Engineer

Lightning Labs is seeking a pragmatic senior software engineer who embraces the DevOps mindset to improve our developer experience. Improve the robustness and security of our internal platform by managing the underlying cloud and cluster technologies, observability tooling, stateful services, and applying enhancements such as operators and overlay networks.

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Cryptographic Protocol Engineer

We're looking for an experienced systems software engineer versed in applied cryptography, peer-to-peer networks, distributed systems, open source software, and cryptocurrency protocols. This includes working on lnd and neutrino, conducting novel cryptocurrency research, contributing to the design of BOLT specifications, and helping create the next generation of smart contract applications on Bitcoin.

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Lightning Infrastructure Engineer

We're looking for a systems-oriented engineer who will design and build out key components to support the growth of the Lightning Network. These tools will lower the barrier to entry for operating Lightning nodes and enable existing node operators to more effectively manage their infrastructure.

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Senior Engineering Manager

Lightning Labs is seeking to hire a Senior Engineering Manager to help scale our growing engineering organization. The ideal candidate has experience managing remote teams across several time zones, has managed their own open source projects or actively contributed to such projects in the past, and has high level working knowledge of Bitcoin.

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Technical Product Manager

Lightning Labs is looking for a Technical Product Manager who is passionate about bringing Bitcoin and Lightning to the masses. This role will be focused on developing products to help drive Lightning Network adoption. An ideal candidate would have experience solving complex technical problems and a strong understanding of the software development process.

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Marketing Lead

The Marketing Lead will be responsible for all product and content marketing activities at Lightning Labs. This role will design go-to-market strategies and craft compelling stories around our products. The ideal candidate will have previously served in a Product Marketing or writing-related role, have a high-level understanding of bitcoin and Lightning, and a passion for crafting compelling product stories.

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