The easiest way to manage inbound and outbound liquidity on the Lightning Network. Keep your channels open and the funds flowing.

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Loop Out

For merchants, services, and users who primarily receive funds via Lightning, Loop Out serves as a bridge, allowing funds to be sent out of the Lightning Network to "on-chain" destinations like exchange accounts or cold storage systems. This can also be useful for users who want to:

  • Manage capacity so that channels can be used indefinitely to receive more funds
  • Send funds on-chain to merchants or services that aren't yet Lightning enabled
  • Rebalance routing channels so payments can be routed in any direction

Loop In

Loop In enables typical users to "refill" their Lightning wallets when funds are depleted. In these cases, users "Loop" funds into Lightning wallets from "on-chain" sources (e.g. exchanges or cold storage). Loop In can also be useful for:

  • Operating fiat bridges that deliver funds to Lightning Network users
  • Services that pay users via Lightning (e.g. for content creation, rewards programs, microwork, etc.)

Lightning Terminal

Lightning Terminal is the home of Lightning Labs products that help you make the most of your Bitcoin. Lightning Terminal’s initial functionality provides a visual interface for interacting with your channels and balances using Loop. Making the process of managing your funds easier and more intuitive allows you to focus on running your business, not on your liquidity. Loop is the first of several upcoming Terminal features that enable new use cases and open up a new world of possibilities on Lightning.

Available as a unified binary containing LND, Loop, and Faraday.

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Why use Loop?

  • Add "inbound liquidity" to receive payments
  • Reduce transaction fees by recycling and reusing Lightning channels
  • Send funds to and from users or services that aren't yet Lightning enabled
  • Configurable wait times and "batching" allow for further fee savings
  • Refill and offload funds from any number of Lightning channels in a single on-chain transaction


  • Loop Out: 0.05-0.5%
  • Loop In: 0.10-1%
  • Loop pricing varies based on wait time and on-chain fee conditions. Consult the quote API or the command line (loop quote) for up-to-date pricing.

Loop vs "Channel Churn" (opening and closing channels)

FeaturesLoopChannel Churn
Adjust amount of funds in Lightning
Maintain stable channels
Reduced fees with batching
Transact seamlessly between Lightning and "on-chain" destinations
Volume discounts

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